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New Law Firm Cutting Costs for Small Businesses

How your small business can save thousands of dollars in legal fees

Just because your business is small or new, doesn't mean lawyers are giving you a break on their fees. Corporate lawyers measure their time the same, no matter who the client is. Estimates show that small businesses spend over $30 billion in legal fees each year. New business ventures are always the most vulnerable, yet these are the companies getting the least legal bang for their buck because most firms are built with large corporate clients in mind.

Biz-e-law is a new approach to the legal industry. For too long, small businesses have been left without adequate legal options to fit the needs of their companies. Biz-e-law ditches the hourly fee model, replacing it with low monthly payments.

By switching to a subscription-based fee model, business owners are able to pay for legal help in a similar way to paying their internet or phone bill. Packages for established businesses start as low as $39 per month.

At that price point, Biz-e-law is a full service law firm that's affordable to any company or solo project. Biz-e-law believes that when done right, businesses should be interacting with their lawyer on a regular basis. By fixing monthly fees, owners are encouraged to ask questions, book consultations, and tackle legal problems up front. With strategic planning, most litigation and complicated legal pitfalls can be avoided, allowing Biz-e-law to keep their rates low, and protect your business every step of the way.

Ben earned his Juris Doctorate at Syracuse University and has a Masters in Political Science from the Maxwell School of Public Affairs and Citizenship. Ben is a licensed attorney in Missouri and Illinois and a Senior-Partner at Biz-e-Law. In 2017, Ben was elected to the City Council for Chesterfield, Missouri.

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