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What is Biz-e-law?

Save Money with Smarter Legal Counsel

Legal advice is expensive. If you own a small business, you are well aware of this. A few minutes of advice can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. With many corporate lawyers charging as much as $600 per hour, it quickly becomes cost prohibitive for most small businesses. Lawyers are expensive and hourly billing leads to painful surprises when your lawyer’s invoice arrives. The traditional law firm model has failed small businesses.

Biz-e-law is a 21st Century approach to the legal industry. If your business has been frustrated with inflated hourly attorney bills, Biz-e-law can solve your problems. You can replace those fluctuating invoices with fixed subscription fees. Our subscription model gives your business relief from inflated rates and the confidence of cost certainty by fixing your legal costs to a set amount. No more outrageous invoices or surprise costs.

With Biz-e-law your business saves money and reduces legal fees to a simple reoccurring expense item like your phone and internet bill. Cost certainty allows you to confidently invest more into growing your business. If you are tired of not knowing how much a legal issue or simple phone call to your attorney will cost you, Biz-e-law is for you.

Once you hire Biz-e-law, you can navigate the business world with confidence. Our monthly fees cover several legal services, allowing you to ask questions, get opinions, and have documents reviewed without incurring additional expenses. You won’t have to worry about expensive retainers or periodic fee deposits. When you have access to your attorney without the threat of added expenses, your business is better protected.

Ben earned his Juris Doctorate at Syracuse University and has a Masters in Political Science from the Maxwell School of Public Affairs and Citizenship. Ben is a licensed attorney in Missouri and Illinois and a Senior-Partner at Biz-e-Law. In 2017, Ben was elected to the City Council for Chesterfield, Missouri.

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