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About Us

About bizelaw

21st Century business requires a 21st century firm. Paying corporate attorneys hundreds of dollars an hour is inefficient and puts effective legal counsel out of reach for most small businesses.

Biz-e-Law is a smarter approach to the legal industry.  Our subscription fee plans mean you just pay a monthly fixed amount. You'll stay in control with cost certainty and piece of mind, knowing that our expert legal team is on call for you.

Taking care of your Small Business


Cost certainty with a fixed monthly fee.  Reduce legal costs by eliminating billable hours. Your business can afford expert business lawyers.


Having an expert lawyer on call provides your business with solutions before problems pop up. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.


Have a lawyer that caters to your business. Working with the same expert team streamlines the process and helps us get to know your business better.

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